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Morgan Stanley Preserves Client Choice in Response to DOL Rule

Morgan Stanley believes that offering clients the broadest set of choices is the best way to increase their chances of a comfortable retirement.

Over the next several months, you may hear about a new government regulation which will impact your retirement accounts, such as IRAs. The regulation aims to ensure that advice and services from Financial Advisors provided to retirement clients is in their best interests.

Because the new regulation, referred to as the U.S. Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule, will require significant effort to comply, some financial services firms have opted to limit the types of products, accounts and service payment options available to retirement account clients going forward.

Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors have always believed that the key to successful retirement planning is to start with you. Your individual situation, goals and aspirations have always been our starting point for creating your retirement framework. We also believe that offering you a variety of investment products and platforms is the best way to increase your chances of comfortably retiring the way you envision.

In our view, maintaining client choice—in both the services provided and how they are paid for—should remain a critical goal of how we respond to the new rules. That is why our Financial Advisors will continue to offer you a choice on how you invest for your retirement goals and how you choose to pay for those services.

Moving forward, our clients will continue to have access to commission-based retirement brokerage accounts with recommendations from us that will be consistent with the DOL Fiduciary Rule and Best Interest Contract Exemption. These accounts will continue to offer a broad array of investment products, including mutual funds and exchange traded products (such as ETFs).

Morgan Stanley, as an industry leader in fee-based advisory accounts with more than $850 billion in retirement and non-retirement assets, will also offer clients the choice of fee-based retirement account arrangements, which will continue to provide access to the firm’s world class investment advisory offerings.

When you’re a client with Morgan Stanley, the choice is yours.

Regardless of how you wish to approach investing for retirement, your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor will work alongside you to ensure that your retirement plan considers the key aspects of your financial life, from your age and aspirations to current market opportunities to potential withdrawal strategies once you’ve retired.

If you’re a current Morgan Stanley Wealth Management client, your Financial Advisor will send you more information about the new DOL Fiduciary Rule in the coming months. If you have any questions now about how the rule will affect your retirement services, contact your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor.