Morgan Stanley
  • Wealth Management
  • May 5, 2020

Shalett: ‘The Cycle Will Turn the Tide’

Investors should consider moving away from index-based strategies and seeking out value in cyclical sectors that have been left behind by the rebound, says Wealth Management Chief Investment Officer Lisa Shalett in a May 5 CNBC interview.

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Wealth Management Chief Investment Officer Lisa Shalett tells CNBC’s Squawk on the Street:

“Our strategy has been to move away from the indexes, which we think are excessively concentrated in super-expensive tech names. To play the market, we suggest going after pockets of value and areas that are still left behind from the March sell-off and subsequent rally: areas like financials, industrials, small caps, materials and energy. Those are the areas where we’re encouraging folks to be stock pickers and not index buyers. 

“The cycle will turn the tide. Ultimately, the value names had their performance exacerbated by the sudden-stop recession. As the economy reopens that’s where operating leverage is the greatest and where the reopening is not fully priced in. If you look at the Nasdaq, the household names are not super leveraged to the reopening of the economy because in many ways their businesses never closed. We’re looking at where the main potential for improvement is, and finding it in the more cyclical sectors, the more exposed sectors, where there is value and opportunity for material gains from here.”

Shalett: ‘The Cycle Will Turn the Tide’