Morgan Stanley
  • Giving Back
  • Nov 24, 2015

Celebrating Healthy Cities

Morgan Stanley’s wellness initiative creates a hub for delivering nonprofit benefits to underprivileged children.

Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities has changed the lives of thousands of children since its launch in 2014,  creating safe places to play and hubs where community organizations can deliver essential health and wellness services.

The program achieved its goals in its first year of operation in  Chicago, Newark and Oakland by delivering:

  • 586,592 meals
  • 1,228 medical screenings
  • Playgrounds for 3,000  children
  • Nearly 6,000 employee volunteer hours

The objective of the Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities program is to work with nonprofit partners to provide three basic needs for a healthy start to life: nutrition, health services and play.  The power of working together, instead of each nonprofit working on separate goals is palpable:  “A single organization can do so much, but partnerships can do amazing work,” says the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

Morgan Stanley expanded  Healthy Cities in 2015 to London, Cleveland and Houston, where again the program was tailored to suit each community’s needs. Plans are to extend the program to other cities in the year ahead.


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