Morgan Stanley

Asher defies the limits of Cerebral Palsy through Equine Assisted Therapy. His dad’s commitment to the cause is supported by the Morgan Stanley Foundation.

When Asher Lerner was born three months premature with Cerebral Palsy, his father Howard Lerner, a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor, was told there was a good chance his son wouldn’t ever walk, talk or even see.

Today, Asher is not only doing all of those things, but is riding horses as well. It wasn’t a medical miracle, says his father, but the therapeutic power of horses and a twin brother that fueled Asher’s competitive spirit and determination to conquer physical challenges no-one thought possible when he was born. “When we first introduced Asher to Equine Assisted Therapies, he was four years old and had gone through multiple surgeries. The thought of putting him on top of a huge animal was scary, but a few people talked me into it and it’s really been the best thing that has ever happened.”

Howard Lerner’s involvement with the nonprofit is supported by the Morgan Stanley Foundation’s Volunteer Incentive Program, which matches the time he spends on the board of Equine Assisted Therapies of South Florida. This grant program is based on employee engagement with the charities that mean the most to them.

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