Morgan Stanley

Sustainability at Morgan Stanley

“It is imperative that we as individuals and a firm think about the best interests of our shareholders, our employees, our clients and our community in everything we do. Global sustainability issues, such as climate change and inequality, pose significant risks to our business. However, there are tremendous opportunities for us in being part of the solution alongside public policy makers, regulators and the private sector.”

—Audrey Choi, Chief Sustainability Officer

Our Focus

Sustainable Investing

We seek to develop scalable finance solutions that deliver competitive financial returns, while driving positive environmental and social impact.

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Our People

We work to develop a talented and diverse group of individuals, which in turn helps shape and strengthen our business and bring value to clients.

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Giving Back

We are rooted in communities around the world, which means a unique opportunity to commit ourselves to philanthropy and public works.

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Governance and Risk

We contribute to a sound and sustainable financial system through transparent governance, ethical decision-making, and risk management practices.

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We actively manage the environmental impact of our physical business operations and seek to minimize our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Research

Our Sustainability Equity Research team looks at companies and investments through an environmental, social and governance lens.

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The 2018 Morgan Stanley Sustainability Report