Morgan Stanley Investment Management Overview

For over 35 years, Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM) has committed to delivering exceptional service and superior investment results for our clients. MSIM synthesises the benefits of size, scale and global scope with the focus and dedication of a boutique firm. Our commitment to innovative research, customised solutions, world-class investment expertise and intelligent risk management is driven by a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and objectives. With close to 40 offices in more than 20 countries, MSIM can offer clients a broad product array across asset classes.

How we add value:

Community of Boutiques

Empowering teams to generate alpha

  • We facilitate success by creating an organisational structure and entrepreneurial environment where creativity and consistency are compatible.
  • A team-defined process draws clearly defined lines of accountability and enables our investors to seize investment opportunities.

Customised Solutions

Unique client solutions that leverage and integrate our experience, people and rigorous investment and risk management processes

  • Robust quantitative research and sophisticated mathematical techniques guide our investment approach.
  • We partner with clients to budget and allocate risk in order to provide value.

Intellectual Meritocracy

A culture of innovation: the conversion of divergent ideas

  • By attracting, motivating and retaining the best talent in the industry, we pursue the generation of superior investment ideas that drive superior performance.
  • By creating a culture that fosters innovation, embraces independent thought and recognises achievement, we increase the potential for sustainable, superior results.

Global Resources

Supporting investment excellence with world-class resources

  • A worldwide network of technology, information resources and dedicated client service teams allows our investment teams to remain focused on delivering superior performance.


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