Challenging Times: A Conversation About Race and the Current Social Climate

Drawn from an hour-long forum for Morgan Stanley employees moderated by Vice Chairman Tom Nides, the videos below feature Mandell Crawley, Global Chief Marketing Officer; Alex Ehrlich, Global Co-Head of Prime Brokerage, and Ellen McGirt, Contributing Writer to Fortune and author of the 'raceAhead' column. The discussion was organized by Susan Reid, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, in response to recent events.

Setting the Stage

Susan Reid, Morgan Stanley’s Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, discusses the rationale behind the discussion 

Black Lives Matter

Mandell Crawley, CMO, discusses perceptions of Black Lives Matter and why is it such an important issue to the African American community.

Social Media Trauma

Ellen McGirt of Fortune discusses the shared trauma of events posted to social media and how it can further obscure differences in our experience of race. Tom Nides, Vice Chairman, wonders about claims of a new, color-blind generation.

Does Having a Black President Matter?

Mandell Crawley, CMO, discusses some of the economic roots of the current discussion about race, opportunity and family for African Americans.


Alex Ehrlich, co-head of Prime Brokerage, discusses the challenges and opportunities for supporting real openness about differing experiences of race in the workplace.

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