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529 Plans and More: A Guide to Investing in a Loved One’s Education

With education costs rising ever higher, planning your funding strategy today can help ease financial anxiety for your family. Find answers to key questions here.

How Else Can I Fund Educational Needs?

Beyond 529 plans, there are a number of ways to fund education costs that could save you time, headaches and money. Explore some of the strategies here.

What More Can I Do to Set a Child Up for Success?

Planning for a child’s future is about more than saving for their education. Provide financial education at home to help equip them with skills they’ll need for success.

Developing the Right Strategy for You

When it comes to planning for a child's or grandchild’s education, remember that there is no “one size fits all” approach. Work with your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor to help identify the right education funding strategy for you in the context of your overall wealth plan.
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