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Women Wealth and Wellness

Financial Advisor, Marie Moore, shared her strategies and tactics to help women plan for their financial future and retirement recently on the Women Financial Advisors Forum. She focused on getting women out of the dark so they can be prepared to handle family financial affairs if and when their spouses pass.

A Surviving Wife Needs to Know How to Survive Financially

Marie Moore, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Statistics indicate that most women are going to outlive their spouse. From a financial point of view this has many ramifications, but perhaps most importantly it means that eventually many women may be left with the responsibility of making investment and asset allocation decisions, something for which many women have not prepared themselves. While wives often control the purse strings for spending, in many families the husband has control of the invested family capital, according to a recent US study. In my experience, if the wife makes inquiries or shows an interest in the family investments this can sometimes be threatening to her spouse. This can make it difficult for her to learn about the risk and status of their investments but also inquiries of a mate can appear confrontational.

The Art of Managing Clients and Their Expectations

Robin Krasny, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

There's a common misconception about what a Financial Advisor really does. Many people outside our industry think all we do is buy stocks and bonds, but in our practice we often hire independent portfolio managers for that. What many of us actually spend most of our time doing is managing our clients and their expectations.

When we talk about "managing clients," we're talking about helping them..

A Few Lessons Our Clients Have Taught Us

Robin Krasny, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

As Financial Advisors we often learn as much from our clients about the client/advisor relationship as we teach them. Here are a few lessons my clients have taught me...

In Alabama, a Client and Financial Advisors Reach Out to Cancer Survivors

Robin Krasny, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Morgan Stanley Client Service Associate Wendy Magnuson remembers hearing the sirens in the distance and that they were getting louder and louder and closer and closer.

But there was no sign of fire in the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management complex in Birmingham, Alabama, where Wendy worked so she thought maybe there was a bad wreck nearby.

“The next thing I know...

New York Wealth Manager Attributes Her Success and Being Named to Barron’s Top 100 Women Financial Advisors to Finding Good Partners

Robin Krasny, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

New York – Financial Adviser Robin Krasny of the New York Wealth Management team, KL Wealth Management, will be the first to admit that while some prefer to have solo practices, she believes the key to her success has been finding a good partner.

As for being named to Barron’s Top 100 Women Financial Advisors, Robin credits her partner, Mark Lewis, whom she met when they both worked for UBS, for playing a major role in that achievement.

“From t...

New Recruiting Event: Paramus Career Night

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, Paramus Career Night

Paramus Career Night
Thursday, October 16, 2014
7:00 pm
Paramus, NJ

Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors are high achievers, astute listeners and skilled problem solvers who can offer advice and an array of financial solutions to help people meet complex wealth management needs. We take new hires through an intensive 36-month training program specifically designed to help you join this elite group.

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, Recruitment

To submit your request to attend, please click he...

A Canadian-born Orange County California Financial Advisor Attributes Being Named to Barron’s Top 100 Women Financial Advisors to Her Ability to Connect Deeply with Clients

Anouchka Balog, Women Financial Advisors Forum

Laguna Niguel, CA – When Anouchka Balog first started in financial services over 24 years ago, she saw that most of her colleagues were doing transactional business.

“Transactional business just wasn’t for me,” recalls Anouchka. “It just seemed very superficial. So I decided to go with a process that was more holistic. I’m a really good listener…preferring to listen more than I talk, which is probably why I connect so well with clients. I like...

Sounding Board: The Key to Your Client Relationship

Mary Deatherage, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

By Mary Deatherage
Managing Director, Wealth Advisor and Senior Investment
Management Consultant

As a Wealth Advisor for nearly three decades, I’ve played a variety of roles for my clients, from investment consultant to financial therapist. But the one role that seems to resonate louder than all the others is that of “sounding board.” It’s a role that manifests itself throughout all my client relationships from the day they first walk through the d...

Financial Advisor Uses Social Media to Rally Friends and Colleagues for Arkansas Tornado Victims

/Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, Volunteer Effort

Financial Advisor Lindsay Carter woke up that Monday grateful that the path of the tornado that hit the night before had missed Little Rock where she lived and worked, but the news of its devastation nearby compelled her to change her plans for the day. She called her stepfather (Casey Huie of the Huie Carter Group) and told him she wasn’t coming in to work that day; she was going to do something to help in the relief effort.

Within hours she ...

California FA Emily Bach Says Providing Exceptional Service and Going the Extra Mile Contributed to her being Named to Barron’s 100 Top Women Financial Advisors

Emily Bach, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Orinda, CA – This is the ninth year in a row that Emily Bach, Executive Director and Wealth Advisor in the Orinda, CA office, has been named to the Barron’s Top 100 Women Financial Advisors in America, and she attributes this to her team’s ability to make every client feel special.

“For us, it’s all about service and the client experience,” says Emily. “We really focus on making the client feel special. Even though we have eight hundred client...

From Drive-Thru Teller to Private Wealth Advisor, Theresa Chacopulos Leverages Morgan Stanley for Her Clients

Theresa Chacopulos, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Private Wealth Advisor Theresa Chacopulos began working in financial services 30-years ago as a drive-thru teller at a retail bank. Perseverance and a willingness to take on new challenges has enabled her to build a $1 billion book that made her one of the FT Top 400 Financial Advisors nationwide in 2014, according to The Financial Times in March.

“Morgan Stanley offers so many resources, it’s really an investment firm catering to private bank...

New Jersey Private Wealth Advisor Mary Deatherage Says the Secret to Being Named To Barron’s Top 100 Women Financial Advisors Is Staying “Client Focused”

Mary Deatherage, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Little Falls, NJ -- Mary Deatherage, Managing Director and Private Wealth Advisor in the Little Falls, New Jersey office, has been in the top 20 of Barron’s Top 100 Women Financial Advisors nine years in a row -- which is every year since the influential weekly investment publication began publishing its annual ranking survey in 2006.

This year, with nearly $2 billion in assets under her team’s management, Mary came in at number 19. She att...