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The pursuit of meaningful goals is something we all share. Whether you're planning for retirement, to fund education for your children or grandchildren, buy a dream vacation home, address health care needs or leave a legacy for the next generation, your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor can help you succeed. With an understanding of your individual needs and goals, we will implement a personalized wealth management plan, then monitor and adjust it as necessary to help you achieve those goals.

Wealth & Taxes: Planning for 2015

10 Year End Tax Strategies to Consider
Smart tax planning is prudent in any environment, and with year-end approaching, we outline several steps to review with your Financial Advisor and tax professional.

Learn about strategies to help minimize the impact of current tax laws: Wealth and Taxes: Planning for 2015

Help keep your financial goals on track: Your Year End Planning Checklist

Planning for the Long Term

Setting objectives, getting a full picture of what you own and how to protect it, and monitoring your progress toward your goals—these are just some key elements to the planning process.

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As an individual investor at Morgan Stanley, you can benefit from the market insight, global presence, risk management resources and analytical rigor that drive our institutional relationships.

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Managing Risk

There are many things that can jeopardize your financial well-being: loss of a job, damage to property, market downturns, just to name a few.

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Strategic Borrowing

Looking at both sides of your balance sheet is essential to informed decision making.

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Charitable Giving

Philanthropy forms a link between you and the organizations that best express your values and your vision. It can also be a powerful teaching tool for young people.

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Transfer of Wealth

Wealth can bring families together — or push them apart. Educating the next generation, establishing shared goals, putting a well thought out estate plan into effect — these are a few strategies that can make wealth a unifying force.

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Money and Values

How you spend, save and invest grows out of the values that are most important to you and your family. Working with a Financial Advisor can help you focus on your goals and the strategies that can help you achieve and protect them.

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Your Wealth and Your Business

For many business owners, the firm they built or acquired is their most significant asset. An effective wealth plan needs to take account of both personal and business wealth.

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Tax laws are complex and subject to change. Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, its affiliates and its Financial Advisors and Private Wealth Advisors do not provide tax or legal advice and are not "fiduciaries" (under ERISA, the Internal Revenue Code or otherwise) with respect to the services or activities described herein except as otherwise provided in a written agreement with Morgan Stanley. Individuals are encouraged to consult their tax and legal advisors (a) before establishing a retirement plan or account, and (b) regarding any potential tax, ERISA and related consequences of any investments made under such plan or account.

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