Investment Strategies

The pursuit of growth requires more than mere opinions. It takes spotting real opportunities. With your Financial Advisor, you can tap into research about major markets, industries and companies around the world, as well as research on fixed income, municipal bonds, credit and equities. You also have access to the insights and asset allocation advice of the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Global Investment Committee. You and your Financial Advisor get the tools to succeed the right way.

Research and Strategy

  • US Rate Outlook: Base, Bear and Bull Cases pdf
    The Portfolio Strategy & Research Group believes fixed income market dynamics could change swiftly. To help investors make decisions in various market settings, the PSRG explains three possible scenarios for the future direction of interest rates and discusses implementation ideas for each. Click here for the full report.
  • Basis Points pdf
    Monthly fixed income asset allocation guidelines, sector summary, strategy recommendations and relative value and technical analyses
  • The Credit Report pdf
    A monthly dive into the credit markets, with analysis, commentary and recommendations for investment grade and high yield credit investors
  • Muni Bond Monthly pdf
    Comprehensive analysis and insights on current events and trends in the municipal market
  • CIO Spotlight pdf
    An in-depth conversation with Morgan Stanley & Co. Research industry analysts

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Positioning

The Global Investment Committee (GIC) is a group of seasoned professionals whose analyses guide you and your Financial Advisor through the complexities of the world economy and global markets. The GIC meets regularly to update its investment outlook, discuss portfolio positioning and develop tactical strategies to capitalize on near term opportunities.

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