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Concentrated experience and capable hands

Successful people in the sports and entertainment industries have distinct needs that require very specific capabilities. We created Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment to concentrate the resources and talent to address those needs. We hand-picked Sports and Entertainment Directors, a group of seasoned Financial Advisors who have spent years working with high-achieving professionals in these industries, helping them make smart choices about how they save, spend, invest, borrow, protect and give. We require our Directors to participate in advanced education programs to remain up-to-date on any industry developments that could impact wealth planning.

Sports and Entertainment Directors

are uniquely qualified to address the needs of:

Wealth is what we do

Founded almost 80 years ago, Morgan Stanley has grown into one of the world’s largest and most respected wealth management firms. We hold over $2 trillion in assets for clients across the nation, including successful entrepreneurs, Fortune 50 CEOs and some of the most successful people in the sports and entertainment industries. This strength gives us the ability to have a presence in every major market and to develop the full range of capabilities needed to help you address any financial challenge and explore virtually any opportunity. We have the capacity to support your ambition, no matter how big your dream.

Keeping pace with your ambitions

As a top professional in sports or entertainment, you didn’t get where you are by thinking small. You dreamed big, took chances, and dedicated your life to achieving exceptional goals in the most competitive fields.

Morgan Stanley Sports and Entertainment Directors understand the unique nature of that type of achievement and the specific challenges it creates. Their advanced experience in navigating obstacles and seizing the opportunities of celebrity, guide their advice as they help protect and grow your assets. Where there’s a financial decision to make, they’re already ahead of it, helping you take that next step.

Success starts with education

The Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment Financial Education program is our way of giving back. We strive to empower and equip emerging and current talent across sports, entertainment and music at collegiate and pro levels with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed decisions about their finances and wealth.

We use a specialized and flexible curriculum that engages the audience with real-life case studies, showcasing pitfalls to avoid and best practices for success.

It’s not only about doing the right thing, but also about helping talent go from theoretical financial knowledge to practical money management.

A word to managers, agents and other trusted advisors

Our Sports and Entertainment Directors routinely work in partnership with other trusted advisors to guide our mutual clients’ financial decision-making. We respect the role that you play in protecting your clients’ interests and supporting their ambitions. We seek to provide you with supplemental access and experience needed to address the full spectrum of their financial needs. We believe that a cohesive and connected team is best suited to help high achievers in the sports and entertainment industries make smart choices about how they save, spend, invest, borrow, protect and give.

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