Graystone Consulting

Bringing fresh ideas, strategic solutions and a tailored approach to drive your results.

The world in which we operate is changing at an unprecedented pace. To compete effectively, institutional clients must do more with less in an effort to optimize returns and satisfy customers, shareholders and employees.

A Different Kind of Institutional Consulting Partner

A separate and independent business unit of Morgan Stanley, Graystone Consulting has more than 40 years of experience advising clients as a fiduciary. Over the years, our boutique business structure, depth of experience and robust intellectual capital has helped us grow into one of the largest and most respected investment consulting firms in the country. Our expertise, insight and depth of knowledge enable us to make informed, confident decisions about the future investments of your organization.

The Graystone Approach

No matter what your goals, we have the expertise, specialized resources and analytical tools to focus on your unique mission or strategy, manage your complexity and offer customized investment decisions to address your specific needs.

A Spectrum of Integrated Solutions

At Graystone Consulting, we offer a spectrum of integrated solutions to meet your desired level of service and discretion. We provide objective advice and investment insights to construct a comprehensive plan that is uniquely yours.

Understanding Your Fiduciary Responsibilities

We are guided by our own fiduciary obligations as well as our focus on helping you meet your own. We are supported by a deep and experienced team of legal, compliance and risk professionals who support regulatory obligations and oversight of Morgan Stanley’s institutional consulting business.


The Graystone Advantage

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For inquiries about Graystone Consulting, email Jenna Bloomgarden at the link below. You can also phone 914.225.8334. If you already work with a Graystone team, use the locator below to find contact information.