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Morgan Stanley offers several pieces of its regularly updated content in the form of an RSS feed. By accessing the Morgan Stanley RSS feeds you could keep abreast of the latest news and developments published by Morgan Stanley without the need to visit the site daily. Morgan Stanley offers several different kinds of news that you could include in your newsreader software, favorite web portal or mobile music player. For more details on RSS please read below.

What is RSS?
RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) is a standard file format which is used to distribute headlines, synopses and Web Links for news articles. An RSS Feed (sometimes referred to as a channel) is an RSS formatted document made accessible on a website. By subscribing to a feed you are including the address of that feed in software specially designed to pick up headlines from your personal list of RSS Feeds.

What is a Podcast?
A Podcast is an RSS feed with one major difference; the contents of the feed contains the addition of a media file. Given the right software you could receive these media files and have them automatically downloaded to your portable media player device for listening (or viewing in the case of a video podcast) on the go.

How do I subscribe to RSS?
Every piece of RSS Aggregator software (the desktop software used to receive RSS content) has a slightly different way of adding a feed to your interest list. Usually you will need to right-click on the link on the right column of this page, copy the address and paste the address into your Aggregator. Please see your software (or web portal) instructions for more details.

Where can I learn more?
You could get a comprehensive overview of RSS by performing a search on your favorite web search engine.
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