Top Economic Reports
March 05, 2014

By The Global Economics Team |

Asia Pacific Economics: Asia Insight: Asia’s Debt Indulgence: AXJ’s leverage levels have picked up sharply over the past six years... Leverage in AXJ is relatively over-extended when evaluated in the context of the region’s per capita incomes. Chetan K Ahya

US Economics: Making Cents: A Minimum Wage Brief: As the debate over the minimum wage drags on in DC, we outline the key economic issues at play. We also discuss weather impacts on Q1 GDP tracking, the Fed minutes, MSBCI, and the macro housing outlook.   Vincent Reinhart

Sunday Start: What Next in the Global Economy (February 23, 2014): While each EM economy is different, South Africa shares some common features with other members of what we call the ‘double deficit club’, which also includes Brazil, Turkey, India, Indonesia and  Ukraine. As with many of its peers, South Africa’s double deficits in the current account and the public accounts are the result of excessive domestic demand growth fuelled by QE-induced capital  inflows, accelerating credit growth and strong wage increases. Joachim W Fels

US Economics: Business Conditions: Weathered by Winter: The February MSBCI fell 9 points to 43% as severe winter weather weighs on growth expectations. Meanwhile, the composite index retraced last month's gain, declining 3 points to 56%, pulled down by hiring and hiring plans, which hit a low since June 2009. Vincent Reinhart