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Our sixth installment of Perspectives on Excellence features Ken Chenault, Chairman and CEO of American Express Company. Ken joined American Express in 1981 and was named president of the U.S. division of American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. in 1993, vice chairman of American Express Company in 1995, president and chief operating officer in 1997 and chairman and chief executive officer in 2001. Ken serves as a director of International Business Machines Corporation and The Procter & Gamble Company. Ken also is a member of The World Trade Center Memorial Foundation and a trustee of the NYU Hospitals Center and the New York University School of Medicine Foundation.

CEO+CEO: James Gorman + Ken Chenault

March 13, 2013

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Introduction (3:37)
"The Rational and Emotional Sides of a Brand " (4:19)

Chenault reaches beyond the company’s iconic campaigns and advertising to delve into the substance of the American Express brand.

Stick to Businesses in the Company's DNA (3:33)

In order to be successful, businesses must align with common purposes. Chenault and Gorman share risks they’ve taken to focus and enhance their brands.

"Fight the Breakout Side of Conventional Thinking" (3:12)

By staying in touch with the pulse of Silicon Valley and looking beyond the current environment, Chenault stays abreast of innovative ways to help meet customer needs.

Crisis Leadership: Don’t Retrench, Take Action (4:04)

During crises, Chenault sets objectives and gives hope to the organization by focusing on selective growth opportunities.

China (6:19)

Chenault and Gorman share perspectives on strategy, opportunities and risk in China.

The Importance of a Daily Routine (2:44)

A daily routine that incorporates exercise and task lists helps Chenault remain focused, strong and prepared for challenges.

Qualities a Good Leader Should Have (2:18)

High on the list of qualities Chenault looks for in a leader: attributes of the American Express brand.


Philanthropy: A Combination of Personal and Professional Values (4:12)

Chenault talks about the company’s leadership training and development programs for non-profits, efforts to preserve cultural sites and employee volunteering. Gorman adds the importance of developing "majors" when it comes to determining charitable focus.

Technology: Where Online and Offline Converge (5:02)

Chenault and Gorman give examples of how business adapts and changes as technology evolves.

"Customer Service is What We're All About" (3:07)

American Express analyzes service interactions to consistently improve customer behavior, loyalty and spending.

Relationships are Built on Empathy and Expertise (2:37)

Chenault and Gorman share characteristics they look for when building new relationships.

Value Should Exceed Price (3:07)

Chenault talks about his pricing philosophy.

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