Strategy Challenge
  • Ryan F., Associate, Investment Banking
    "One of our core values is giving back, and something that has really impressed me with Morgan Stanley is that it's not just lip service. We really are committed to giving back to our communities. Another core value is leading with exceptional ideas, and I believe the Strategy Challenge is a great example of that. This program is a unique way in which we can leverage skills of different people within the organization to create creative solutions and impact. Morgan Stanley is very focused on that, and to me it's a clear differentiator," said Ryan F., Associate, Investment Banking
  • Melanie S., Vice President, Institutional Equity
    "Employees are better the more well-rounded they are. We can hone our day-to-day skillset and really perfect and master that, but it's about getting out into the community and doing things outside of your day job with different people and utilizing different skillsets. At the end of the day, that really makes us better people in general, and as a result better employees," Melanie S., Vice President, Institutional Equity

"The Strategy Challenge is an extremely unique opportunity to work closely with a nonprofit for ten weeks, while also partnering with coworkers across various divisions of the firm. The Challenge encourages you to dive into the nonprofit mindset while utilizing your skills and experiences to develop an executable forward looking strategy for the nonprofit. The impact of our recommendations, coupled with the nonprofits' drive to make a difference, is profound."

Pranav Gupta, Associate, GCM - Joint Venture
Morgan Stanley

"This has probably been the most enriching experience of my career so far. The Strategy Challenge takes charitable giving to an entire new level by going above and beyond a monetary donation in offering valuable business analysis to tackle the charity's real-world strategic issues. Not only has it allowed us to help our charities develop further, it has also sparked a deep interest to remain involved with charities going forward."

Travis Ritz, Vice President, Fixed Income & Commodities
Morgan Stanley

Participants believed the program
provided an opportunity to give back
to the community in a meaningful way

Participants feel that the program
enhanced their understanding
of the non-profit sector

Participants believed the program
increased their strategic
thinking skills
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