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  • Bring Me A Book
    San Francisco, CA

    Bring Me A Book has worked with more than 500,000 children, parents and teachers to strengthen the language and literacy skills of California's underserved children. Morgan Stanley teamed up with the organization to forge an ambitious plan to encourage eager readers with new technology.
Bring Me A Book’s mission is to build the literacy skills of underserved children, primarily ages 0-5, to promote reading readiness in the classroom and a lasting love of reading. In its 15-year history, the organization has served more than 500,000 children, parents and teachers.

In 2013, a Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge team partnered with Bring Me A Book to examine two mission-critical questions: Should the organization expand its book access programs through digital media, and what resources and timeline would make that effort successful?

Based on the Strategy Challenge team’s recommendations and an ambitious plan utilizing the new technology, Bring Me A Book launched its Digital for Literacy pilot initiative in November 2013. The pilot program is successfully encouraging children to read more every day by:
  • Providing 96 preschoolers in four classrooms with tablets loaded with eBooks and learning apps.
  • Customizing trainings for parents and teachers to encourage use and manage the device in and outside of school.
As part of Morgan Stanley’s recommended plan, Bring Me A Book also regularly gathers data from parents and teachers about the program. This effort delivers important information about the initiative’s effectiveness – Bring Me A Book recently announced that its Digital for Literacy pilot participants already have read more than 3,000 eBooks, a number that grows with each passing day. The pilot has provided exponential access to books for some of California's most vulnerable children and opened a world of literacy engagement opportunities to support parents.

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"Bring Me A Book is walking away from this experience with a blueprint for our future work that we believe is game changing in the field of early literacy. We now have an actionable plan that has all of the components for success: an understanding of our market, potential partners and a resourcing model that will immediately allow us to offer increased book access programs to support our preschool families in California."

Mialisa Bonta, Executive Director
Bring Me A Book