Strategy Challenge
Launched in 2009, the Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge connects the firm's
top-performing employees for an eight-week pro bono consulting project to create
concrete deliverables and help our nonprofit partners amplify their meaningful impact
on the communities they serve.
The Strategy Challenge provides charitable organizations the opportunity to partner with our employees to receive customized analysis on a key strategic issue and an implementable action plan. Leveraging the firm's strength in delivering innovative solutions for clients, Morgan Stanley teams provide tailored recommendations that have led to more effective business models, expanded services, and productivity improvements.
* According to standards developed by the Taproot Foundation

"We're inspired by how the corporate world can help the nonprofit world. We're inspired by how much energy the Morgan Stanley team put into this, and how invested they became in the whole project – that inspiration catapulted us forward."

Andy Ackerman, Executive Director
Children's Museum of Manhattan
Nonprofit Finalist 2012

"One of the most unexpected outcomes of participating in
the Strategy Challenge was the lifelong friendships that I've made. We are still in touch with the nonprofit and are always there to give them help and guidance as they implement the recommendations we provided. I wasn't expecting to be as
close as we are, but we were all extremely energized and enthusiastic by this opportunity."

Ryan F., Investment Banking
Morgan Stanley Participant 2013