Strategy Challenge
Launched in 2009, the Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge connects the firm's
top-performing employees for an ten-week pro bono consulting project to create
concrete deliverables and help our nonprofit partners amplify their meaningful impact
on the communities they serve.
The Strategy Challenge provides charitable organizations the opportunity to partner with our employees to receive customized analysis on a key strategic issue and an implementable action plan. Leveraging the firm's strength in delivering innovative solutions for clients, Morgan Stanley teams provide tailored recommendations that have led to more effective business models, expanded services, and productivity improvements.
* According to standards developed by the Taproot Foundation
Nonprofits do extraordinary work, but in so many cases they need help themselves, as Headstrong, the counselling service for veterans with PTSD found. A four-person team of junior Morgan Stanley employees developed a nationwide expansion plan for Headstrong, and won the firm’s 2015 Strategy Challenge for their efforts.

“Before the Strategy Challenge, I knew we would expand into a new city, but we weren't sure exactly where or when we'd be able to. With the help of the Morgan Stanley team, we know we are ready to help serve veterans suffering from PTSD in the San Diego area, have an action plan to do so, and this isn't months or years away - we're going to be able to put this into action in mere weeks."

- Zachary Iscol, CEO and Executive Director
The Headstrong Project
2015 Nonprofit Winner

"The Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge is a one-of-a-kind experience that is tremendously rewarding on both a personal and professional level. Professionally, I met new colleagues across divisions and had an opportunity to leverage and enhance the problem-solving skill-set I use day in and day out. Personally, I was introduced to an organization that I immediately connected with and was emotionally driven to support beyond the Challenge. A senior sponsor summed up the experience perfectly, ‘You must dislocate your heart to make an impact. If you do, you will drive more change and impact than you could have ever imagined.’"

Jennifer Rionda, Vice President
Private Banking Group