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What’s New on StockPlan Connect?

We are continuing to improve and enhance StockPlan Connect, based on feedback from you. This page provides an overview of all the latest enhancements. Going forward, you will also see an archive of updates, so you can keep current on how the site is evolving!

January 2016: The Tax Resources Center is Here!

For more information about the Tax Resources now available on StockPlan Connect, click here.

December 2015 StockPlan Connect Updates

Overnight proceeds tracking now available

If you select “Send me a check via overnight delivery” when deciding how you would like your proceeds delivered, you will now be able to view the FedEx tracking number associated with your check.

Your check will be mailed via FedEx four days after you place the order, to account for a three-day settlement period. On the fourth day, an Alert will be posted to your StockPlan Connect account notifying you that your check is in the mail. Go to the “Activity” tab and click on the order in the “Completed” section to view the details of the order and your check’s tracking number.

A streamlined and intuitive pre-login page

We have updated the look of and language on the pre-login page to help make the user experience more intuitive. Changes include:

  • New banners within the rotating carousel that take you to the Knowledge Center and OneView landing page in just one click
  • Revised text in the “Login to Your Account” box and within the “Request a Registration Email” process

Validate your phone number upon logging in

When you log into StockPlan Connect (SPC) for the first time after Friday, December 11, 2015, we will prompt you to update and/or validate your phone number. You can do so within the “Overview” section of your Profile.

Ensuring that we have your most current contact information on file helps us to:

  • Respond inquiries more quickly
  • Confirm account instructions
  • Safeguard account information

November 2015: make sure your browser is up-to-date

Due to Microsoft’s recent decision to discontinue support for legacy versions of Internet Explorer, Morgan Stanley will no longer support browsers older than Internet Explorer 11 on StockPlan Connect beginning in January 2016.

For the optimum experience on both StockPlan Connect and the Knowledge Center, please use Internet Explorer 11 and above or any of the following web browsers and versions:

September 2015: explore our new look and other enhancements

Global Navigation changes

We’ve redesigned the global navigation to be fresher and more intuitive. This includes:

  • a bright new look
  • a repositioned Profile link that is easier to find and a new Profile quick link menu, so you can get where you need to go with fewer clicks
  • a link to the Knowledge Center for easier access to educational materials

For illustrative purposes only

Better labels for your account values

We've taken your feedback and re-labeled the values to make them easier to understand

For illustrative purposes only

Improvements to the Order Entry process (selling and exercising)

You’ll notice:

  • a clearer presentation of your selling choices when you elect to sell shares
  • no default for proceeds — we’ll ask you to choose your preferred method to ensure you receive your funds the way you would like
  • informative messages pop up for each proceeds method — designed to help you make the right choice by giving you the anticipated delivery timelines associated with each selection

For illustrative purposes only

Better assistance for sending proceeds to a non-U.S. bank

We’ve provided improved validation on the swift code number you enter to ensure you are providing the right information, cutting down on the possibility of experiencing a delay in your proceeds delivery.

Expanded Display of Historical Transactions

We’ve changed the default view to display your 20 most recent transactions, which may reduce the amount of searching required to find the transaction you need.

Additional download capabilities

Enhancements include:

  • a download button on the Shares Available for Sale screen. This allows you to export the information on that page without having to include all the data on the Overview tab
  • a current stock price added to the existing download functionality to help you understand how the values were calculated
  • additional export buttons (beginning with the tax lots on the Gain/Loss screens) to detail screens so you can export single items
  • exercised, canceled, and expired amounts on the grants export, if applicable

For illustrative purposes only

Quicker and Easier Online Grant/Award Acceptance

If your company’s plan has tacit or tacit with reporting grant/award acceptance, you are no longer required to open the documents and check the box to indicate your review in order to mark the grant/award as “Reviewed.”

Look for next month’s updates coming soon!

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