This February, Morgan Stanley’s Technology Division is launching the third Student Programming Contest and this season the contest has gone global.

The online programming competition has been designed by a team of Morgan Stanley Technologists and challenges students to implement a set of programs that solve exciting algorithmic problems to have a chance of winning some fantastic prizes.

As the contest runs, the Morgan Stanley Development Team will add tasks to the site. Entrants will be able to view their status on a live leaderboard – the more problems you solve the higher your chances of winning a prize.

The overall global winner will receive the prize of an iMac. In addition to this, each overall regional winner will be rewarded with a number of exciting prizes.

Competition Dates

The competition will launch on February 24, 2014 and will run through March 21, 2014, with a new task being released each week.

Click here to find out more and to register for the competition.