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Rose-Gaëlle (R-G) is a software engineer and technology associate in the listed derivatives clearing department at Morgan Stanley. She joined through the technology analyst program in 2012, after serving a summer internship in Prime Brokerage Technology.

Rose-Gaëlle was previously a graduate research assistant in the Intelligent & Interactive Systems Laboratory and an Information Technologist at Auburn University, where she earned M.S. and B.S. degrees in software engineering, with a Bachelor of Arts as a dual-degree from Oglethorpe University. R-G is fluent in French and Bulu, a dialect native to Cameroon.  

How did you find out about Morgan Stanley?

While in grad school, I uploaded my resume online for a Society of Women Engineers conference I was attending, right after the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing. But just as we were leaving for the conference I received a random phone call from a Morgan Stanley recruiter, who saw my resume and wanted to offer me a summer internship. At first I was confused. How could my skills have anything to do with banking?  She explained Morgan Stanley is very technology-driven and it is always looking for motivated and talented people. 

What did you learn during your internship?

At first I was really scared of the idea of moving to New York City - all that snow and so many people! It was so different from Yaoundé, where I was raised, as well as from Atlanta and Auburn, where I studied.

I also was not sure if I had enough to offer the firm. But I soon learned that as long as you have potential and are willing to work hard, Morgan Stanley will help you succeed.

What advice would you give students interested in an internship program?

If you are passionate about something, make it obvious. Create a blog or a portfolio you can share with the world and showcase  your talents. And keep your sense of humor. At Morgan Stanley, we want people to be themselves, because it creates a diversity of cultures and ideas. Also, stay open-minded. I never realized there was so much potential at an investment bank. 

Describe what you do at the firm.

I am a developer in Morgan Stanley’s listed derivatives clearing team. I have been building the components of a post-trading and post-allocation application, which seamlessly provides the operations team all of the information they need  to validate that the internal booking of a firm or client derivatives trades were successfully registered at multiple exchanges across the globe.

I also train new team members on how the application and the derivatives clearing operations works.

What does a typical day look like?

Every day is different; I’m never bored because there is always a new challenge at work, and I am also involved in organizing technology knowledge sharing sessions and social activities between different IT teams. I also do quite a bit outside of work.

How have you progressed during your time at Morgan Stanley?

It was a pretty steep learning curve when I first joined, because the listed derivatives clearing team was small and we were on a tight deadline to move all markets to our new clearing platform. Very quickly, I found myself owning an important part of the project.

I was in charge of having software changes prioritized, designed, implemented, reviewed, tested, and moved to production for one of our largest North American markets. I keep taking on more responsibilities and now my manager jokes that I am always a step ahead of him!

How would you describe the firm's culture and how does that affect working with more senior people?

It is incredibly collaborative and empowering.  We work together and play together. We have a cricket tournament every summer, for instance, and lots of social events, which are great icebreakers for new employees.

When you are new, you shadow a more senior person on the team and that gives you visibility with the wider team and other managers at the firm. And soon after, when you own a project, you are the one who leads the meetings with senior folks. 

Have you found mentors here at the firm? How have they shaped your experience here?

The firm organizes mentorship pairing events, which match people based on their interests. I have a mentor, Péter Smulovics, who has taught me so much about how to maintain a work/life balance. I also mentor summer interns and new technology analysts, guiding them with career decisions.

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