We are currently counting the votes. Please return to the website the week commencing 1st May when the competition winners will be revealed.

Each year, students show Morgan Stanley what the world looks like through their eyes in our annual photo competition. This year’s theme, Places and Spaces, focuses on the various places and spaces where you live, work and travel to.

Our panel of judges have narrowed down all submissions to five entries from each region – Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa and North America.

Voting Process and Winners

Voting is now open! Current students can cast their vote for their favourite photo by emailing photocompetition@morganstanley.com and naming the photo and entrant they wish to vote for in the subject line i.e. Photo 1 – Joe Bloggs Please note only emails following this format will be counted. Votes need to be sent from a valid university account (ex. yourname@universityname.com), please be aware you are only able to submit one vote.

The voting will close on Sunday 23 April 2017 and those shortlisted will be informed no later than the week of May 1st 2017, if they have won. The top three entries per region will win one of the prizes listed below. A global overall winner will also be chosen.

The Prizes

First Prize: Apple Watch Sport
Second Prize: FitBit Activity Tracker
Third Prize: US $100 or equivalent local currency in Amazon vouchers

Shortlisted Photos

Asia Pacific

Photo 1
Name: Ritajit Chatterjee
University: Vellore Institute of Technology

Photo 2
Name: Alexey Ermakov
University: A*STAR Institute of Materials Research and Engineering

Photo 3
Name: Assem Jain
University: Vellore Institute of Technology

Photo 4
Name: Pushkal Mishra
University: Vellore Institute of Technology

Photo 5
Name: Anirudh Mohan Kumar
University: Nanyang Technological University

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Photo 6
Name: Hongbo Zhu
University: European Business School

Photo 7
Name: Riccardo Doyle
University: University College London

Photo 8
Name: Thomas Garcia
University: ESCP

Photo 9
Name: Florian Forster
University: Manchester

Photo 10
Name: Sachi Minami
University: Exeter

North America

Photo 11
Name: Jack Gartland
University: Stanford

Photo 12
Name: Remi Cordelle
University: Pennsylvania

Photo 13
Name: Megan Lee
University: New York, Stern School of Business

Photo 14
Name: Yiding Li
University: New York

Photo 15
Name: Maeve Daniels
University: New York, Stern School of Business


The finalists may be asked to submit a high resolution file, so keep your originals. All decisions of the contest judges and the results of the voting are final. All winners will be contacted by phone or email. Winning finalist photos will be posted on the website shortly after the end of the contest. No prizes are redeemable for cash value.

Public Viewing and Granting of Rights

By entering this contest and submitting a photograph, you grant Morgan Stanley a perpetual, worldwide, nonexclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, publish and redistribute, both internally and externally, your photograph in any form of media, whether print, electronic or otherwise, for any reason, including without limitation, for advertising, exhibition, and/or commercial products.