MSPEA practices a conservative, disciplined, value-oriented investing strategy, with a goal of:
  • Targeting markets with attractive macro characteristics: high growth rates, large domestic and/or export markets, favorable investing environment.
  • Focusing on businesses with long-term, sustainable value propositions.
    • Seeking proven business models, profitable track records, sustainable economies.
    • Seeking to avoid the market’s “flavor of the day”.
  • Developing an informational advantage and maintaining economic discipline.
    • Maintaining intensive and rigorous due diligence and investment decision making processes.
    • Being patient, focused, and avoiding businesses or industries the Investment Team does not fundamentally understand
  • Generating investment returns by intrinsic value creation.
    • Investing in fast growing, leading local franchises; buy-and-build situations.
    • Introducing best operational practices and financial expertise.
    • Not being dependent on increasing public market valuation levels or excessive leverage.
  • Continuing role as active value-added investors with board representation and significant operational influence.