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Applied Equity Advisors Team Launches Three New Equity Funds PDF
Investment Insight
This Top Mutual Fund Manager Seeks Stocks with Sharp Elbows

We know the value of active management in today's market.

Global Emerging Markets Team
Ahead of The Herd

In a recent profile, Ruchir Sharma highlights how he developed a framework for identifying emerging-market winners.

Wall Street’s New Global Thinker

Ruchir Sharma, Head of Emerging Markets and Chief Global Strategist, is featured on the cover of Barron's discussing his original thinking around China, Russia as well as why the U.S., India and Germany are poised for growth.

Economic Gears of A Disruptive World

Ruchir Sharma offers a system of 10 rules for distinguishing the good economies from the average and the ugly, in his new book The Rise and Fall of Nations: Forces of Change in a Post-Crisis World.

Team Profile
Global Emerging Markets Team
The Global Emerging Markets team bases its investment philosophy on proprietary research that shows how both country-level and stock-specific factors can drive risks and returns in emerging markets.
Global Fixed Income Opportunities Fund
CUSIP: 616961405 
5.59 USD
  Share Class - I

341 World Bond - 09/30/2016

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Macro Insight
Why Traditional Bond Strategies Aren’t the Portfolio Diversifiers They Used To Be
Portfolio manager Jim Caron explains how to use bond strategies differently to help achieve diversification in a balanced portfolio.
Investment Insight
The Changing Investment Climate
Investors need to account for a new risk as effects of QE fade. Risk premia, not fundamentals, are driving asset performance. Correlation risks thus rise making diversification harder to achieve.
Life After The Rate Hike For Corporate Bonds
Rising rates is not necessarily bad for the corporate bond market, as long as rates rise slowly.
Global Opportunity Portfolio
CUSIP: 61756E693 
16.16 USD
  Share Class - I

953 World Stock - 09/30/2016

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Global Opportunity: Behind the Scenes with Kristian Heugh

Kristian Heugh defines the key differentiators and core values of his team’s investment process, focusing on competitive advantage and quality companies able to create value through growth.

Fishing for Global Growth Stocks
By Kristian Heugh

In his interview with Barron's, Kristian Heugh discusses the team’s investment approach and provides examples of high-quality companies he considers to be market disruptors with resilient competitive positions.

Team Profile
Growth Team
The Growth team seeks capital appreciation by investing with a long-term ownership mindset and focusing on fundamental, bottom-up analysis across the market-cap spectrum and geographies.

In-depth Market Research

Keep Calm and Carry On
Global Fixed Income Team
The team discusses the impact of the U.K.’s Brexit vote which dominated the market’s focus in June as investors considered its potential ramifications.
Heed the Canary
Global Emerging Markets Team
The most environmentally unfriendly source of energy now serves as the proverbial “canary in the coal mine” warning for other companies and industries that resist ESG-conscious business practices.
Investment Insight
Quality Traits
Jun 30, 2016
High quality companies have the ability, and habit, of generating high and consistent returns on operating capital, which leads to strong free cash flow and the ability to compound over the long term.

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