Global Real Estate Securities Strategy
Global Real Estate Securities Strategy

Global Real Estate Securities Strategy


The Morgan Stanley Global Real Estate Strategy seeks attractive long-term, risk-adjusted returns by investing in publicly traded real estate securities, primarily in developed countries worldwide. To help achieve its objective, the strategy combines bottom-up and top-down analyses.

Investment Approach

The investment philosophy of the Global Listed Real Assets team is based on the premise that the performance of real estate securities will be most highly correlated with the underlying value of their assets. In aiming to achieve core real estate exposure in a cost-effective manner, the team invests in the equity securities of publicly listed real estate companies that it views as offering the best value relative to their underlying assets and growth prospects.

Global Presence with Local Resources

The team harnesses local knowledge and expertise of its regional investment professionals based in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, who manage each of the regional portfolios using the same long-term, value-oriented, bottom-up driven investment strategy.

Long-standing Tenure of Investment Team

Comprised of long-tenured and highly experienced investment professionals, the team has worked together for many years implementing and refining its disciplined investment process.

A Well-Defined Value-Orientated Investment Process

Since inception, our team has consistently implemented a well-defined investment process that is geared toward providing our clients with diversified exposure to the real estate asset class in a cost-efficient manner, and at the most favorable relative valuations.

Proprietary Research Models

With extensive experience and expertise in both the public and private real estate markets, the team maintains proprietary NAV models for every company in the investable universe; results (implied cap rates, implied price per square foot, NAV premium/discount) are triangulated versus private market real estate valuations.

Investment Process
Bottom-up value-driven approach for stock selection driven by proprietary NAV models
Top-down analysis seeks diversified major market segment exposure with an overweighting to segments with stocks we believe offer the best relative valuations
Portfolio Managers
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