Private Equity Fund Investing - Global Diversified
Private Equity Fund Investing - Global Diversified

Private Equity Fund Investing - Global Diversified


Private equity strategies that seek to generate a meaningful premium to public equity markets.  These strategies invest directly in private equity opportunities and have meaningful allocations to secondary and co-investment opportunities. In addition, they seek prudent diversification by manager, strategy, geography and vintage year.

Investment Approach

We believe that positive returns in private markets are most consistently generated where investment talent is uneven and where specialized skills can be applied to unlock value within the underlying portfolio assets.

Our investment philosophy is based upon four key tenets:

1) Opportunistic search for private equity alpha

We cast a wide net and seek to maintain flexibility in our portfolio architecture to accommodate an ever-evolving opportunity set.

2) Thematic perspective

We develop a point of view about what we believe to be the most attractive themes within specific market segments and seek to collaborate with experienced managers that have in our opinion the skill and ability to capitalize on these themes.

3) High selectivity

We frequently invest in smaller, more specialized managers where we have found that there is often less competition for capacity and greater sourcing and pricing inefficiency.

4) Unified portfolio approach

Co-investments and secondaries are generally critical value drivers in our program alongside our investment commitments.  We believe this unified approach provides both economic and informational advantages that benefit our funds.

Differentiated Iinvestment Approach

Focus on less efficient segments of the private equity market where we believe the potential for outperformance is greatest and manager selection skills are most highly rewarded.

Experienced, Purpose-built Global Team

Investment professionals have extensive experience and skill in sourcing, analyzing, and investing in private equity funds, co-investments and secondary transactions globally through economic cycles.

Integrated Approach to Co-investments and Secondaries

We have found that investing with smaller and lesser-known managers often enables the team to obtain preferential co-investment rights and access to off-market secondary transactions.

Conservative Approach to Growth in Assets under Management

We believe the team's disciplined approach to growing assets under management and sizing each fund according to the market opportunity, enables them to maintain a high degree of selectivity and to focus on what they view as the most compelling investment opportunities globally.

Investment Process
Define Investment Parameters

Analysis of the environment and the current market outlook.

Source Opportunities

Bottom-up search for what we believe to be the best talent.

Analyze Opportunities

Evaluate funds through rigorous quantitative and qualitative due diligence.

Invest and Monitor

Formal Investment Committee approval required before capital is allocated. Continuous monitoring of investment throughout the life of the fund.

Portfolio Managers
Head of the AIP Private Markets Team
30 years industry experience
Managing Director
28 years industry experience
Managing Director
17 years industry experience
Executive Director
12 years industry experience
Executive Director
17 years industry experience
Executive Director
16 years industry experience
Executive Director
18 years industry experience
Executive Director
21 years industry experience
Managing Director
15 years industry experience