Impact Investing
Impact Investing

Impact Investing


Provides access to a diversified portfolio of private equity investments that seek to achieve compelling financial returns together with a demonstrable and measurable positive social and economic impact.

Investment Approach

We believe that impact investing looks to go a step further than socially responsible investing in that investments are made in companies where, at the time of investment, there is a reasonable expectation that such investment may create positive social impacts such as increased jobs and access to quality of life improvements—e.g., education, health care, housing and finance, or positive environmental impacts.

While we do not think there is a necessary trade-off between commercial return and impact, we do think there are trade-offs between spaces within the impact spectrum. Generally, we believe that more-scalable opportunities can create greater impact than less-scalable opportunities, and that a broader portfolio-based approach to impact may allow greater scalability than a narrowly focused and highly specific approach.


Experienced, Purpose-built Team

The team’s investment professionals have extensive experience and skill in sourcing, analyzing, and investing in impact-oriented private equity opportunities.

Firmwide Commitment to Sustainable Investing

Anchored by significant investing and advisory experience in inclusive finance and affordable housing, community development and clean energy.

Multi-dimensional Impact Reporting Framework

Comprised of measurable impact indicators, short stories of impact and impact case studies.


Investment Process
Source Opportunities

Bottom-up search for what we believe to be the best talent with emphasis on impact-generating opportunities. 

Analyze Opportunities

Evaluate funds through rigorous quantitative, qualitative due diligence. 

Apply Impact Parameters

Analyze opportunity set in context of impact parameters. 

Invest and Monitor

Investment Committee members approve each investment. 

Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting

Post-investment validation of investment thesis and continued monitoring of portfolio.

Portfolio Managers
Head of the AIP Private Markets Team
30 years industry experience
Managing Director
28 years industry experience
Executive Director
21 years industry experience