Global Fixed Income Opportunities Strategy
Global Fixed Income Opportunities Strategy

Global Fixed Income Opportunities Strategy


The Morgan Stanley Global Fixed Income Opportunities Strategy is a value-oriented fixed income strategy that seeks a high level of current income by investing across the fixed income asset spectrum, inclusive of investment-grade and high-yield credit, convertible bonds, securitized assets including mortgage- and asset-backed securities, and developed and emerging market sovereign debt. To help achieve this objective, the strategy combines a top-down macroeconomic assessment, to determine optimal beta positioning for the portfolio, with rigorous bottom-up fundamental analysis and active currency management.   

Typical Investment Grade Exposure
Typical USD Denominated Exposure
Typical Duration Band
Investment Approach

The investment team believes that markets can be inefficient and by performing rigorous analysis, the team can position portfolios appropriately to add value over time. Bond prices reflect market forecasts for a variety of factors, such as economic growth, inflation, monetary policy, credit risk, and prepayment risk; yet markets tend to be poor forecasters of future events, especially when the implied market forecasts are out of line relative to historic trends. They seek to identify these mispricings and position client portfolios to exploit the value inherent in these opportunities.

The team believes that successful portfolio management depends on four factors:

  • Global Perspective
  • A Value-Driven Process
  • Diversified Holdings
  • Deep Fundamental Research

We deliver our fixed income expertise in a customized, solutions based approach that seeks to optimize the application of our global resources to the investment objectives of the individual client. Our team is client-centric in all aspects of the relationship.


As a nimble, midsize manager with a collaborative structure based on small teams of sector specialists, we are able to confidently implement differentiated investment themes across portfolios.

Extensive resources of a global firm

Our culture of collaboration across fixed income teams in New York, London, Singapore and Tokyo enables us to take a truly global approach in identifying opportunities to capture returns in major markets worldwide.

Intensive Risk Management

We have been investing in fixed income assets since 1975 and have developed an intensive risk management framework that includes daily monitoring to ensure compliance with guidelines and to quantify portfolio risk exposures. At the firm level, our risk management team operates independently of business functions, which we believe provides us with a critical system of checks and balances.    

Investment Process^
Top-down macro analysis integrated with rigorous fundamental analysis helps provide optimal portfolio positioning
Portfolio Managers
Chief Investment Officer of Global Fixed Income
31 years industry experience
Managing Director
32 years industry experience
Managing Director
27 years industry experience
Managing Director
28 years industry experience
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