Global Emerging Markets Equity Strategy
Global Emerging Markets Equity Strategy

Global Emerging Markets Equity Strategy


The Global Emerging Markets Equity Strategy seeks attractive long-term, risk-adjusted returns by investing in emerging market equities. To help achieve its objective, the Strategy combines top-down country allocation with bottom-up stock selection and disciplined risk management.

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Investment Approach

The Global Emerging Markets Equity team bases its investment philosophy on proprietary research, which shows that both country-level and stock-specific factors can drive risks and returns in emerging markets. As a result, the team seeks to add value by integrating top-down country allocation and bottom-up stock selection with a growth bias.

The team believes that in the long term, the dynamics of emerging markets are beneficial to the earnings of selective growth companies. Rather than focusing on short-term cyclical bubbles, the team takes a thematic approach to investing to identify longer-term trends not fully appreciated by the market. As often as possible, the team takes contrarian positions. This allows them to develop sound reasons for why consensus may overlook or ignore elements of a country or a stock where positive change may yet occur.


Emerging market experience

Morgan Stanley Investment Management is a pioneer in emerging markets investing and has a demonstrated expertise and commitment through all market cycles. The firm began analyzing emerging markets in 1984 and investing in the asset class in 1986.

Top-down and bottom-up analyses

The team believes its integration of country allocation with stock selection helps drive their competitive performance.

A growth style

Country allocation is based on original research that determines which countries could produce higher economic growth rates, make the most rapid productivity gains and deliver the necessary changes in corporate governance, transparency and institution-building to succeed. The team makes distinctions at the country level and takes high-conviction country overweights and underweights in the portfolio.

Investment Process
Integrated Process

The team follows a disciplined investment process that integrates top-down country allocation with bottom-up security selection.

Country Allocation

The team analyzes emerging market countries to identify improving fundamentals and compelling catalysts. The team overweights countries where improving macroeconomic, social and political fundamentals may not yet be fully reflected in market valuations and sentiment.

Stock Selection

The team's thorough bottom-up process ensures they focus on companies exhibiting an identifiable source of growth, quality management, a strong business model with competitive advantages, a healthy balance sheet and good free cash flow generation.

Risk Management

The team believes the best way to minimize the systematic risk inherent in the portfolio is to understand fully the environment and securities they are investing in. At the country level, the team continually evaluates factors that may impact the environment for financial assets, as well as political and social factors. At the stock level, the team’s bottom-up fundamental process is integral to understanding the companies in which they invest. 

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