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Capital Creates Hope

Morgan Stanley helped Juno Therapeutics raise funds to advance its research and develop new cancer treatments.

Solving the mystery of cancer has evaded the world’s top medical minds for decades. Cancer can be a stealthy killer that hides from the body’s immune system. Our main cancer treatments so far—surgery, radiation or chemotherapy—can miss their mark and often cause debilitating side effects.

Biotechnology firm Juno Therapeutics is working on an innovative approach to treat the disease: re-engaging the body's immune system. In other words, Juno is on a mission to help the body defend itself against cancer.

Juno is pursuing a number of possible breakthroughs. One of its treatments, for example, genetically re-engineers a cancer patient’s cells so that the body can detect the threat and mobilize an immune response. Initial clinical trials have shown encouraging results. *

Juno was founded in 2013, with partnerships with renowned medical institutions and top medical professionals committed to developing treatments for cancer. To advance its research—and bring new treatments to patients who may be running out of hope—Juno needed access to additional capital. The company sought out Morgan Stanley to lead its $304 million initial public offering in 2014, one of the largest biotech IPOs ever completed.

This new infusion of capital gave Juno more resources to pursue its cancer research and treatments. Some of the IPO funds are being used to support clinical trials of its treatments, which can be complex, expensive and time-consuming to develop.

With help from Morgan Stanley, Juno is taking the fight against cancer in new directions and offering some patients fresh hope in their battle against cancer.

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