Corporate Governance

At Morgan Stanley, we recognize the importance of good corporate governance. Morgan Stanley maintained comprehensive corporate governance guidelines for years before corporate governance became headline news. Morgan Stanley's Board of Directors adopted our Corporate Governance Policies in 1995. For further information regarding Morgan Stanley's Board of Directors and corporate governance at Morgan Stanley, click on the links below:

Arrow Board of Directors
Arrow Operating Committee
Arrow Certificate of Incorporation
Arrow Organization Chart
Arrow Bylaws
 Ethics, Practices and Procedures
Arrow Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
Arrow Morgan Stanley Code of Conduct
Arrow Integrity Hotline
Arrow Morgan Stanley's Material Auction Rate Securities Practices and Procedures

 Board Committees and Charters
Arrow Committee Members and Lead Director
Arrow Audit Committee Charter
Arrow Compensation, Management Development and Succession Committee Charter
Arrow Nominating & Governance Committee Charter
Arrow Operations and Technology Committee Charter
Arrow Risk Committee Charter
Arrow Corporate Governance Policies
Arrow Policy Regarding Communication with the Board of Directors
Arrow Policy Regarding Director Candidates Recommended by Shareholders
Arrow Policy Regarding Corporate Political Activities
Arrow Policy Regarding Shareholder Rights Plan
Arrow Equity Ownership Commitment