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Morgan Stanley's presence in Canada establishes us as one of North America's leading global financial institutions. Integrating our extensive knowledge of both local and international markets, we offer institutional clients a comprehensive array of financial services in Canada including investment banking, equity and fixed income research sales.

Morgan Stanley Canada Limited - a member of the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Toronto Venture Exchange - works with corporations and institutions across Canada. In recent years, Morgan Stanley has been actively involved in some of Canada's most noteworthy transactions.

Morgan Stanley Services Canada Corporation develops quantitative trading systems, modeling software and comprehensive risk and security systems used by our business units. Our software developers, engineers and architects work on exclusive tools such as e-trading platforms, pricing engines, risk management, security and infrastructure platforms.

Morgan Stanley Capital Group Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Morgan Stanley, a global financial services firm. MSCGI, the principal entity through which Morgan Stanley conducts its North American commodities trading activities, has over 25 years of experience in trading both physical and financial commodities globally. MSCGI is a significant participant in North American commodities hedging and risk management markets and currently trades power, natural gas, emissions, crude oil, refined petroleum products, coal, freight, metals, renewable fuels and agricultural commodities.

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What We Do: 
At Morgan Stanley, we advise, originate, trade, manage and distribute capital for governments, institutions and individuals, and always do so with a standard of excellence.

Investment Banking & Capital Markets
Corporations, organizations, and governments around the world rely on Morgan Stanley’s reputation as a global leader in investment banking. Our advisory and capital-raising services are recognized as among the best in the industry.

Our Services
Mergers & Acquisitions - Morgan Stanley's Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) department devises and executes innovative, customized solutions to our clients' most challenging issues. The M&A team excels in domestic and international transactions including acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, joint ventures, corporate restructurings, recapitalizations, spin-offs, exchange offers, leveraged buyouts and takeover defenses as well as shareholder relations. Morgan Stanley applies its extensive experience with global industries, regions and banking products to meet our clients' short- and long-term strategic objectives.

Global Capital Markets - Morgan Stanley's Global Capital Markets (GCM) division responds with market judgments and ingenuity to clients' needs for capital. Whether executing an IPO, a debt offering or a leveraged buyout, GCM integrates our expertise in Sales and Trading and in Investment Banking to offer clients seamless advice and sophisticated solutions. We originate, structure and execute public and private placement of a variety of securities: equities, investment-grade and non-investment-grade debt and related products.

Sales & Trading
Global institutions. Cutting-edge hedge funds. Industry innovators—all turn to Morgan Stanley for sales, trading and market-making services, as we work to find new forms of investment to generate superior returns.


CASH EQUITIES - Morgan Stanley is a global leader in executing transactions in cash equity and equity-related products for institutional clients around the world. These products include common stocks, global depository receipts and exchange-traded funds.

EQUITY DERIVATIVES - Across global equity derivatives markets, Morgan Stanley is a leading provider of execution services and solutions. Our product suite encompasses equity options, equity swaps, warrants, structured notes and futures on individual securities, indices and baskets of securities.

PRIME BROKERAGE - For more than 25 years, Morgan Stanley has led the industry and set the standard for excellence in prime brokerage. Our broad and deep client relationships, market-leading platform and intellectual insights enable us to be a world-class service provider to our clients for their financing, market access and portfolio management needs.

ELECTRONIC TRADING - Morgan Stanley Electronic Trading (MSET) offers global electronic access across cash equities, options and futures. Our electronic trading tools include a broad suite of algorithms, smart order routing and direct market access.


COMMODITIES - Morgan Stanley is a market leader in the Commodities sector, providing risk management, investor products, financing solutions and liquidity across commodities markets including oil, metals, power and natural gas. With knowledge of both the financial and physical aspects of commodities, we are execution specialists, salespeople, market analysts and originators. Working closely with our colleagues across Morgan Stanley, we offer efficient access to capital to help clients protect and grow their businesses and to take advantage of market opportunities.

MACRO PRODUCTS - Morgan Stanley is a global dealer in interest rate and currency products, including interest rate cash and derivatives providing primary and secondary liquidity, foreign exchange options for institutions and family offices, and the development of sophisticated investment and trading strategies for emerging-markets sovereign countries.

GLOBAL CREDIT PRODUCTS - Morgan Stanley trades all fixed-income assets with embedded credit in a variety of areas, from municipal securities, to investment-grade and high-yield bond and credit derivatives trading. In addition, Morgan Stanley structures, underwrites and trades the full range of collateralized securities, including those backed by residential and commercial mortgages, in both the cash and derivatives markets.

DISTRIBUTION - Our global sales function connects Morgan Stanley’s resources with our institutional clients, such as banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, money managers, pension funds and mutual funds. Sales executives help institutional clients to achieve their particular investment objectives, providing them not only with product expertise but also with access to all areas of the firm.

The Technology division partners with our business units and leading technology companies to redefine how we do business in ever more global and dynamic financial markets. Our sizeable investment in technology results in leading-edge tools, software, and systems. Our insights, applications, and infrastructure give a competitive edge to clients’ businesses—and to our own.

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Client Accessibility Policy - Ontario

In 2008, the Ontario Government adopted the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (the "AODA").

Morgan Stanley is committed to providing an accessible environment in which all individuals have access to the Firm’s services in a manner that positively reinforces client service. The Firm strives at all times to provide its services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. Morgan Stanley is also committed to giving people with disabilities equal opportunity to access and use our services, and is committed to allowing them to benefit from the same services, in the same place and in the same or similar manner as other clients.


The purpose of this Policy is to establish how Morgan Stanley will provide access to goods or services to the public and other third parties that do business with Morgan Stanley ("Clients") with disabilities in a manner that is consistent with the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality of opportunity, and that is in compliance with Ontario Regulation 429/07 (the "Customer Service Standard") under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act ("AODA").


This Policy applies to all Morgan Stanley employees, management or non-supervisory personnel, employees of temporary agencies, vendors, or contractors who provide goods or services in the Province of Ontario ("Covered Individuals").


Morgan Stanley will communicate with people with disabilities in ways that take into account their disability.

Assistive Devices

Assistive devices that may be used by individuals with disabilities will be welcome on Morgan Stanley premises that are open to the public or other third parties. Morgan Stanley will take steps to ensure that Covered Individuals are familiar with commonly used assistive devices.

Service Animals

Morgan Stanley welcomes guide dogs or other animals that serve individuals with disabilities in those areas of the Firm's premises that are open to Clients and will permit the Client to keep the service animal with him or her, except for those animals that are otherwise excluded by law from the premises. In the event that a service animal is otherwise excluded by law from the premises, Morgan Stanley will provide the applicable Client with an alternative method of obtaining, using or benefitting from its goods or services.

Support Persons

Morgan Stanley welcomes persons who support individuals with disabilities to accompany them onto Morgan Stanley premises open to the public or other third parties. Morgan Stanley will ensure that Clients who so require have access to their support persons while on the premises. Such support persons include volunteers, family members or friends who provide support to the Customer. Morgan Stanley may seek the consent of the Client before confidential information is discussed in front of the support person. In some instances, support persons may be asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement. Morgan Stanley will require a support person to accompany a Client when on the Firm's premises when it determines that such an arrangement is necessary to protect his or her health and safety or that of others on the premises.

Notice of Temporary Disruptions

Morgan Stanley will provide Clients with notice in the event of a planned or unexpected disruption to goods and services or facilities for Clients with disabilities. This notice will include information about the reason for the disruption, how long the disruption is expected to last, and a description of any alternative services, if available. The notice will be placed on the Firm's website, and/or may be posted at the location.


Morgan Stanley will provide training to all Covered Individuals who interact with Clients on Morgan Stanley's behalf or who are involved in developing the Firm's Client service policies, practice and procedures. Training will include:

  • The purpose of the AODA and the requirements of the Customer Service Standard;
  • How to interact and communicate with people with various types of disabilities;
  • How to interact with people with disabilities who use assistive devices or require assistance of a service animal or support person; and
  • What to do if a person with a disability has difficulty accessing the Company's goods and services or publicly-accessible premises.

Covered Individuals will also be trained on an ongoing basis when changes are made to these policies, practices and procedures.

Customer Access to This Policy and Related Documents

If Clients have difficulties reviewing or accessing this Policy as a result of their disability, upon request, the Firm will provide those Clients with the Policy in a format that takes into account their disability.

Feedback Process

Morgan Stanley invites feedback on the way that it provides goods or services to individuals with disabilities. Those who wish to provide such feedback are encouraged to do so by forwarding your feedback to HRMTL@morganstanley.com. Any feedback that is in the nature of a complaint will be promptly reviewed and if necessary, appropriate action will be taken.


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