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Frequently Asked Questions

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Annual Report Request


Question: How do I get an annual report to shareholders, proxy and other financial reports?

Answer: You can request an Annual Report to Shareholders by filling out the information request form located within the Investor Relations home page. Please also click if you want a proxy, an annual report form 10-K, quarterly report 10-Q.


Transferring Shares Of Morgan Stanley Stock


Question: How do I transfer Morgan Stanley shares from one shareholder to another?

Answer: Please call our Transfer Agent, Computershare at 1-800-622-2393 or write to:

Contacting us by Regular Mail
POB 30170
College Station, TX 77845-3170 USA

Contacting us via Overnight Mail
250 Royall Street
Canton, MA 02021 USA


Change Of Address For My Dividend And Share Accounts With Morgan Stanley


Question: I am a Morgan Stanley shareholder. How do I change my address for my dividend checks, annual report to shareholders and other company information?

Answer: Please call our Transfer Agent, Computershare at 1-800-622-2393 or write to:

POB 30170
College Station, TX 77845-3170 USA

Note: If you need to change your address with your Morgan Stanley brokerage account, please contact your financial advisor or branch office.


Direct Share Purchase And Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP)


Question: I would like to enroll in your direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment plan. How do I get started?

Answer: Please call our plan record keeper, Computershare at 1-800-622-2393 or write to:

POB 30170
College Station, TX 77845-3170 USA


Obtaining A New Stock Certificate


Question: How do I obtain a new stock certificate?

Answer: Please call our Transfer Agent, Computershare at 1-800-622-2393 or write to:

POB 30170
College Station, TX 77845-3170 USA

Note: Morgan Stanley discontinued issuing paper common stock certificates effective as of September 3, 2007.


Tax Cost Basis Worksheet


Question: How can I determine the tax cost basis of my Morgan Stanley common stock if I received my shares as part of the Sears spin-off in 1993?

Answer: Please call Computershare at 1-800-622-2393 for assistance in calculating the cost basis for Morgan Stanley and Sears stock. The Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter merger is tax-free to both Discover and Morgan Stanley shareholders for Federal Income Tax purposes. However, former Morgan Stanley shareholders may have to pay taxes on any cash received for fractional shares and may have to pay taxes as a result of the payment of certain transfer taxes paid by the Company.

Client Services

New Accounts

Question: How can I apply for an account with Morgan Stanley?

Answer: Please call your local branch office (you can find one using our Morgan Stanley retail branch office locator or calling toll free 1-877-937-6739).


: How can I get involved in an IPO that Morgan Stanley is underwriting?

Answer: Please consult your Morgan Stanley financial advisor. They will give you the details of the requirements for IPO participation and share allocation. If you do not have a Morgan Stanley account, please check our Morgan Stanley retail branch office locator for a branch near you. You can also call toll free 1-877-937-6739

: Can I get IPO shares with my Morgan Stanley Online account?

Answer: Yes. Please consult the following website for more information on IPOs: Equity Syndicate-Educational Overview

Please take note that public offerings are considered speculative investments and as such may not be appropriate for every investor.

Due to the limited number of securities distributed by Morgan Stanley Online, no assurances may be made that any particular customer will receive an allocation of securities.

Research Reports

: How can I get a copy of a Morgan Stanley Equity Research Report?

Answer: Equity research is generally available only to the clients of Morgan Stanley; please contact your Financial Advisor. Some research reports are available to the general public. Please call your local Morgan Stanley retail branch office or contact our Equity Research department at 212-761-6201.

Online Trading/viewing My Account Online

: How do I apply for an online account and what are the minimum investments?

Answer: Please consult the following website for our online products: Morgan Stanley Individual

: How can I view my accounts online?

Answer: Please request a ClientServ login and password from your financial advisor or consult our ClientServ website for more information.

Asset Management Funds

: How can I track my Morgan Stanley funds online? How do I find the ticker symbol? If I want to talk to somebody about the details of different funds, what is the phone number?

Answer: You can get detailed information about our Funds by consulting our Investment Management website or call 1-800-869-FUND. For more detailed fund information including ordering a prospectus from our Literature Center please call one of the following phone numbers:

  • Morgan Stanley Family of Funds: 1-800-869-FUND
  • Morgan Stanley Institutional/MAS Funds: 1-800-548-7786
  • Morgan Stanley Closed End Funds: 1-800-231-2608
  • Van Kampen Funds: 1-800-341-2911


: How can I get a copy of a prospectus on a stock or bond that Morgan Stanley is underwriting?

Answer: For a copy of any prospectus on a stock or bond that Morgan Stanley is underwriting, please call your Financial Advisor at your local Morgan Stanley retail branch office or submit your request online to

Company Information

Sustainability And Corporate Responsibility


Question: Does Morgan Stanley publish a sustainability or corporate responsibility report?

Answer: Yes, Morgan Stanley has published an annual sustainability report since 2009. The Report contains Standard Disclosures from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, including G4 Standard Disclosures. The report and its companion brochure may be found on our website:, together with additional information about our sustainability-related policies and activities.


Ticker Symbol For Morgan Stanley


Question: What is the ticker symbol for Morgan Stanley's common stock?

Answer: The Company's common stock trades under the ticker symbol MS.


Morgan Stanley Stock Split History


Question: When was Morgan Stanley's last split?

Answer: On December 20, 1999, Morgan Stanley announced a 2 for 1 common stock split in the form of a 100 percent stock dividend, payable January 26, 2000 to common shareholders of record as of January 12, 2000. In addition, both Morgan Stanley Group, Inc. and Dean Witter, Discover & Co. announced stock splits prior to the merger, which occurred on May 31, 1997. At the time of the merger, Morgan Stanley common shareholders received 1.65 shares of Morgan Stanley common stock in exchange for each share of Morgan Stanley stock they owned, and each share of Discover common stock automatically represented one share of Morgan Stanley common stock.


Morgan Stanley Dividend Information


Question: What is the frequency of the dividend distribution of the Morgan Stanley common stock and the amount of the cash dividend?

Answer: The amount of the cash dividend is announced every quarter in the earnings press release and is distributed about one month after the release. Currently the cash dividend is US$.20 per share.


Fiscal Year


Question: When is Morgan Stanley's fiscal year end?

Answer: The Company's fiscal year end is December 31.